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The Story Behind the Photos

By Jean Cummings, Wife of Photographer, Roy Cummings


Tupelo, Mississippi – Sept. 26th, 1956

Roy was assigned to cover the Tupelo Homecoming  event for the English Associated Newspaper at the time.  This was the first time Roy met Elvis.  Roy told me that he was very impressed with his talent and charisma and most importantly found Elvis to be such a gentleman.   


Wedding May 1st, 1967

The Colonel was always good about keeping in touch.  He would send out Christmas cards each year.  He invited Roy to the secret wedding at the Aladdin Hotel in

Las Vegas. 


Las Vegas – July 31st, 1969

When we were invited to the opening in Las Vegas it was absolutely amazing.  We met the Colonel in the lobby and that’s when he gave me a stuffed hound dog toy.  The lobby was like a big circus and the Colonel was like the ringmaster.    It was backstage when I met Elvis for the first time.  I remember there were so many people and everyone was really excited that Elvis was back performing in front of a live audience.

While Roy was busy taking pictures, I was able to catch Elvis’s complete performance.  It was the first time I had ever seen him perform, I thought he was terrific.


Press Conference

After the successful opening night in Las Vegas, Elvis and the Colonel held the famous press conference where Roy took many photos.  I remember Elvis was absolutely gorgeous with his black hair wearing a black suit with a pinkish black scarf.  I found Elvis to be so very gracious.  He explained how relieved he was that he got such a wonderful reception on opening night. He was charming and called me ma’am.  I wasn’t too happy about that because at the time I wasn’t too old. 


Jean Cummings



Publisher’s Note:


To uncover a rare photo of Elvis is always a treasure, but to uncover two hundred photos (never before seen) almost fifty years later is absolutely incredible! When I had my first look at the photographs of Elvis, taken by Roy Cummings, I was amazed.  How could these rare photos taken by a professional photographer in the ’50s and ‘60s be filed away, never to be seen?  Photos from Tupelo ’56, The Wedding ’67, Las Vegas International Hotel opening ’69, Press Conference ’69, and most important, some candid photos…to die for.  After researching further, I found that throughout the years a select number of Roy Cummings’ photos were seen numerous times in the movie and fan magazines as well as newspapers around the world.  Hundreds more were filed away never to be seen until NOW!


For sixteen years I’ve had the pleasure of publishing Elvis International ... The Magazine, an official publication for Graceland, and I’ve found that rare photos have always been the highlight for Elvis fans.  Along the way I’ve uncovered some very rare and beautiful photos of Elvis, but I can honestly say that I have never seen a quality photo book with so many ‘photos never  before seen’ like “ELVIS INCREDIBLE.” 


Darwin Lamm


Elvis International


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