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Q.  Is it true that country singer Ronnie Milsap sang with Elvis at one time?


A.  Yes, Ronnie sang back up, and played the American Sound Studio in January 1969, in Memphis.  Ronnie sang duet with Elvis on “Don’t Cry Daddy,” and “Kentucky Rain.” 

Q.  It was mentioned in a magazine that Elvis made three movies in black and white.  Could you tell us which ones they were?


A.  The three black and white movies that Elvis made were:  “Love Me Tender,” “Jailhouse Rock” and “King Creole.” 

Q.  I know that Elvis toured with the Jordanaires, and J.D. Summer and the Stamps, but who is the vocal group called “Voice.”  Did they also sing with Elvis?


A.  Yes, ‘Voice’ was a vocal group, who backed Elvis on some recordings and live concerts, from 1973-1975.  The members were:  Donnie Sumner, Tim Baty, and Sherrill Nielsen (Shawn Nielsen), plus a piano player named Tony Brown, guitarist John Rich, and bassist Tommy Hensley.  Elvis himself named the group ‘Voice.’

 Q:  A friend told me that he heard Elvis sing “Lovely Mamie” on an album.  I have never heard it.  Could you give me the name of the album?


A:  Elvis sang “Lovely Mamie” in his 1968 film, “Stay Away Joe,” but it lasted only a few seconds.  The song has never been released by RCA, but it does appear on bootleg albums.

Q.  What special is “Standing Room Only?”  I can’t find it anywhere.


A.  The Special “Elvis On Tour” was first known as “Standing Room Only,” however the title was changed during the filming of “Elvis On Tour.”

 Q.  On the videos from Elvis’ concerts in Las Vegas, with the TCB Band, there is also a big band behind them.  Who is the big band?


A.  Joe Guercio and his twenty-eight member band backed Elvis in Las Vegas from 1969 to 1976.  Joe Guercio served as Elvis’ musical arranger.

Q.  What year did Elvis work for the Crown Electric Company?


A.  Elvis started for the Crown Electric Company July 1953 until the fall of 1954 when he left to   pursue his singing career full time.

Q.  I heard that Elvis sang at a Paris Nightclub, yet every article you read states that Elvis never played anywhere in Europe. Do you have any information on this?


A.  Our sources tell us that in June 1959 Elvis and friends were on leave from the Army and went to “The Lido,” a Paris nightclub where Elvis appeared on stage and played “Willow Weep For Me” on the piano.

Q.  Did Bill Medley of the Righteous Brothers have a close friendship with Elvis and did he do a song about him?


A.  We do know that they were friends and that Elvis liked to play pranks on his friends.  One night while Bill was performing in Las Vegas, Elvis just came out and walked across the stage as a joke and repeated the same prank the very next night.  Bill Medley recorded an album titled “Still Hung Up On You” with a tribute song to Elvis on it called “Old Friend.”

Q.  I am a new fan and my question may seem old but I would like to know who Elvis’ influences were?  Did he admire anyone before he got started, for instance in music, looks, acting, etc?


A.  Elvis admired a number of people who were influential in his life.  Some of them were:  Acting-James Dean and Marlon Brando; Country Music-Jimmie Rodgers, Hank Williams, Jim Reeves, Hank Snow; R & B Music-Jackie Wilson, Rufus Thomas, Arthur Crudup; Pop Music-Dean Martin, Roy Hamilton, Billy Eckstine; Gospel Music-Jake Hess, Blackwood Brothers, Golden Gate Quartet; Hair style-Tony Curtis; Sideburns-Rudolph Valentino.


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