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by Sheila Ward


We’ll remember you when strong winds blow and raindrops pound on window panes.
We’ll remember you through the storms of life and softly call your name.

We’ll remember you when winter time nears and sheds her first soft snow.
We’ll remember you on a cold clear night but we’ll feel a “special”, warm glow.

We’ll remember you when autumn draws near and fall leaves tumble to the ground.
We’ll remember you on cool, crisp mornings with a smile on your face – not a frown.

We’ll remember you when spring time nears and birds soar in the sky with their song.
We’ll remember you always Elvis-for you’re a part of us that lives on.

We’ll remember you on a warm, summer’s day while butterflies flutter all around.
We’ll remember you as we touch a rose to our lips and place it by your stone on the ground.



by Jim Hannaford

I’ve been an Elvis fan since the “Sun Years” with a thousand memories encapsulated in the years since. I remember enjoying the sounds coming over the radio, the magazines and movies; having a fan club in the 60’s, and the thrill of Vegas in 1969. The “Tour Years” were equally exciting until tragedy struck in 1977.

Nowadays, I travel to Memphis every August to remember and reflect on Elvis’ legacy. A story I’d like to share with you is about Gary Pepper who was an early fan club president who had a great club called the “Tankers.” Gary was victim of Cerebral Palsy, but with his Mom’s help, put out one of the best fan club newsletters ever.

Elvis sent money to Gary every month until he died in 1977. Although financially strapped all his life trying to keep his fan club going, Gary Pepper never dipped into his nest egg from his best friend. One late December night, Elvis dropped by Gary’s modest home with Christmas gifts. Inside a copy of Elvis’ Christmas album was a pristine, crisp one thousand dollar bill! During the next few years, Elvis helped Gary with medical expenses, gave his father Sterling a gate job, and always remembered him at Christmas.

As far as I know, Gary never spent the thousand dollar bill, but instead, kept it as a constant reminder to him of Elvis’ love. The Christmas album also remained his favorite through the years. Gary Pepper passed away in 1980, in California.


by Gaby Wedemeyer

I’ve been an Elvis fan since 1969, but never got the chance to see Elvis in person. I was 19 years old when Elvis passed away, and I was and am still living in Germany. Fifteen years later and my thoughts go back to the evening of August 16, 1977. I went to bed early and the next morning my alarm clock woke me up from my sweet dreams at 6:25am. I turned my radio on and heard Elvis’ wonderful voice singing. “Wow, what a happy start to a new day!” I thought. Then the D.J. mentioned that “Elvis was born on January 8, 1935 in Tupelo, Mississippi.” I thought, “Why is he saying this...everybody knows it.” A knot came in my stomach. “What’s happened to Elvis?”, I asked myself. “Don’t Cry Daddy” followed, and then the News broadcast. It was and will always be hard for me to realize that Elvis died so young. I will always be taking care of business for him.


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