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Celebrates 20th Anniversary of first issue 1988.


WOW!  Elvis…The Magazine celebrates its 20th Anniversary. The magazine was the first officially licensed publication for Graceland and is still considered the most beautiful, informative and entertaining magazine on the newsstands today.  Elvis…The Magazine, formally Elvis International Forum, is published by Darwin Lamm, also known for his Good Rockin’ Tonite concerts during “Elvis Week” each year and his Elvis Radio Specials since 1977.


Lamm reflects:  “It’s been an incredible journey.  When I first sat down with Joe Esposito in 1988 and told him I wanted to do a quality magazine Elvis would be proud of, Joe said, ‘I’ll help any way I can.’  He has, and so have hundreds of other Elvis friends and performers. 


“I always felt the Elvis friends gave us the insight into the man himself�������the side many of us knew little about.  Their stories of Elvis were always fun, enlightening and entertaining.  We thank you and hope you will continue to share your memories.


“Although the magazine has changed over the years, we have kept our focus on Elvis, the music legend and the insight into the man himself.  Of course the main reason the magazine continued for 20 years was because of you the fans who continually gave your support and I thank all of you.”


It’s important to note: The quality of this magazine is exceptional and in the Elvis World a magazine lasting 20 Years should be considered quite an achievement.


For the past 20 years Elvis…The Magazine has been the most beautiful, informative, and entertaining magazine available. Most important, a magazine Elvis would be proud of.


Quality You Can See and Feel...

Elvis Stories and Memories you can Believe...

Respect Elvis Deserves...


Joe Esposito remembers: “Well Darwin, it was 1987, you were producing the Elvis 10th Anniversary Radio tribute when you sent someone over to interview me.  That led to working together on the weekly radio show – The Elvis Hour and ultimately the magazine.


“It was also a pleasure working with you on your Good Rockin’ Tonite concerts and Q & A sessions in Memphis, as well as hundreds of personal appearances at events and conventions together.  You were first to give a forum for all Elvis friends to tell their stories and you gave Elvis musicians an opportunity to perform for the fans.  It’s been a great Elvis journey and you certainly did your part in keeping the Elvis memory alive. It’s been a great 20 years together – let’s do it for another 20 years.”   


  Joe Esposito



ELVIS the MAGAZINE is an independent publication officially licensed by EPE. The quality is exceptional, the content is informative and entertaining, and the photos are rare. If you’re not already a subscriber, you are urged to check it out and try a one-year subscription. Subscribe via the magazine’s phone number listed below.



Elvis…The Magazine, P. O. Box 7749, Thousand Oaks, CA 91359. Tel: (818) 991-3892.









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