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About the Author

Darwin Lamm is known today as publisher of Elvis...The Magazine, but this is just one of his varied careers that led to the creation of ELVIS...He Touched Me. Darwin grew up as an Elvis fan in the 50's, but entered the Elvis World on August 16, 1977 when he was asked by radio stations across America to produce a Radio tribute show following Elvis' death. The result was a 3-hour special titled "Elvis Remembered", and it led to over 200 hours of Elvis radio tributes. In this series of radio specials were many incredible "gems", memories of Elvis from his closest friends, fellow performers, associates, boyhood friends and fans. Radio production and syndication was something Darwin knew well having teamed up with Dick Clark in 1971 to launch the first radio talk show in syndication: The Bill Ballance Feminine Forum. Shortly thereafter, Darwin formed his own syndication company called Creative Radio Shows and ventured into the area of music programming. His first radio special was a 4-hour "The Beach Boys Story." In 1976, Lamm followed up with a second 4-hour radio special titled "The Beatles". Next, "The Buddy Holly Story" and others followed before moving into the country music field with weekly radio specials dedicated to country's most successful super stars. He had built a network of several hundred radio stations, and when Elvis died in 1977, the station managers were clamoring for a radio special to commemorate the King, and they sought out Lamm to produce it. The overwhelming response Lamm received from "Elvis Remembered" made him realize the impact Elvis had on so many people around the world. He followed up with "Elvis: The Country Side" in 1980, then a 6-hour show, "The 10th Anniversary Radio Tribute" in 1987. In 1988 he produced a highly successful weekly program, The Elvis Hour. Darwin Lamm entered the publishing world in 1988 with the magazine Elvis International Forum, and it quickly became recognized as THE Elvis magazine for the fans as the articles and stories invovled many of Elvis' closest friends. As the magazine evolved, the name changed to Elvis...The Magazine, now in its 21st year of publication. In addition to his new role as publisher, Darwin continued to produce radio specials through the 1990's including "Memories of Elvis" in 1990, "The Elvis 15th Anniversary Radio Tribute" in 1992 and "The Elvis 20th Anniversary Radio Tribute" in 1997. Lamm's vast library is perhaps the most comprehensive collection of wonderful "nuggets" about Elvis from interviews with various celebrities who were touched by Elvis. On radio you only heard short clips, but in the book ELVIS...He Touched Me, you get the full interviews.




About the Book


ELVIS...He Touched Me is made up of rare interviews and stories from The Creative Radio Network. Darwin Lamm, producer of the weekly radio show The Elvis Hour and publisher of Elvis...The Magazine began collecting these short, fun, intimate strories in August 1977. Elvis touched so many people in so many ways, from the Movie Star to the gas station attendant and from US Presidents to "Joe the fan". They each reflect on that one special encounter with Elvis that affected or changed the direction of their lives forever. There are only a few people who knew Elvis well enough to write their own book, but many who share that one special moment or event with Elvis. This book encompasses over 200 hours of rare interviews that have never before been printed all together in one collection. Read and feel the excitement, fun and joy that Elvis brought to people like: Johnny Cash, Paul McCartney, Brenda Lee, Pat Boone, Carl Perkins, Steve Allen, Roy Orbison, Frankie Avalon, Johnny Tillotson, Eddie Rabbit and more. This book includes 38 photographs and anecdotes that all Elvis fans and friends will find amusing and touching. This is the first in the series and will be highly anticipated by all Elvis collectors.


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